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About our Tent

Our remarkable clearspan tent combines the comforts and security of an indoor space while convincing all your senses that you are celebrating in nature. Enjoy a gentle breeze and the sunset from the West, games and pathways to the washrooms and our 9 hole golf course all from the central location of the tent.

From the outside, our a-frame style tent is 60' wide, 75' long and an impressive 25' tall at its peak. Complete with clear walls that easily slide open and a clear-top centred roof let plenty of natural light shine through. Large spruce, oak and birch trees create a shady oasis to protect this space from high winds and heat waves.

Inside the tent, you will find a beautiful herringbone-patterned paved stone floor and impressive soft white ceiling draping with twinkle lights and chandeliers. Don't forget about the spacious live edge bar, complete with a sink and a commercial fridge. Our

18' x 18' smoked oak dance floor provides enough room for everyone to bust a move. On the north side of the tent you will find a separate vendors entrance and covered prep area for your caterer. The option for round or rectangle tables (or a combination of both!) will all be set-up prior to your arrival and set with half length white linens.

The dedication and thought that went into every aspect of this facility shines through. If you are interested in seeing this tent that is located just 2km outside of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, and directly between Edmonton and Calgary, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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