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  • Why should I get married at Hilltop Wedding Center?
    Because we are the best!! Okay, all kidding aside, there are some crazy amazing venues in the area and we are proud to be recognized amongst them. What truly sets Hilltop apart is our incredible view overlooking Sylvan Lake, 20 acres of meticulously maintained landscape, our large clear top tent complete with all the exquisite details your wedding needs. All that aside, the thing that we hold in high regard is that you are not just a number to us. You will be a Hilltop couple and that means we will treat you the very best we can!
  • What time do I have access to the venue?
    Venue access time will be dependent on your package and these times will be outlined on your contract. Most packages allow for venue access between 10:00am on the wedding day. Earlier access to the Bridal Suite can be arranged for a fee. This would provide access to the Bridal Suite Only and not the tent and golfing to give our crews time to fully flip the space and maintain the course.
  • What time do my guests have to exit the premises?
    Again, this will be determined by your package and these times will be outlined on your contract. Events run no later than midnight, with a one hour of take-down and clean-up until 1:00 am. This will vary depending on weekday and weekend packages.
  • How does the bar work?
    At Hilltop, we want to ensure your event is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, including the bar service. Here's how it works: We take care of essential bar elements, such as providing skilled bartenders, pop, juice, ice, and all the necessary barware to serve your guests. You won't need to worry about these details. Our couples take charge of purchasing both the alcohol and the liquor permit. This gives you complete flexibility to set your bar pricing, whether you prefer an open bar, a twoonie bar, or a cash bar. For more information on our bar and bartender and corkage rates please see our annual package document.
  • Do you offer Catering?
    Hilltop does not offer a catering service. We want you to be able to customize this experience to your taste. There are some incredible chefs, pit masters and down-right talented foodies in the area to help you choose the perfect menu for your day. If you are not sure where to start, shoot us a message and we can point you in the direction of some of these incredible people. We do also have a kitchen facility that you and your caterer are welcome to use. Please inquire further for additional details about our kitchen.
  • Will there be someone from Hilltop to assist me?
    Hilltop will always have a representative there to assist you with anything venue related, but we recommend having someone within your group that can point vendors in the right place and know your event inside and out. We love to see couples work with a coordinator. They are the experts after all and they are worth their weight in gold. Trust us on that! Our team will also check on your group periodically, however as to not impede on your space they will typically stay on the sidelines. They are there specifically for venue related concerns and are not responsible for the execution of your event. If there is anything you require at all, please just give them a ring and they will race right over to assist.
  • Are pets permitted on the premises?
    Absolutely! We actually prefer that all your guests are of the four legged variety. We do just ask that they remain on a leash and you clean up after them. Any messes left from pets may result in charges to the damage deposit.
  • Is golfing permitted?
    YES! In fact we encourage you to get a few rounds in the morning. Depending on how you are utilizing the facility, you will have up to nine pristinely maintained par 3 holes that we have preserved on the property just for this reason. For guests that don’t have clubs or traveling from afar, we have approximately a dozen sets of clubs, balls and tees available. Check out our blog post on Invite Your Guest to Golf, for more information.
  • Is the golf course still open to the public?
    Not anymore. We are now an exclusive, private event venue with the perk of a full and meticulously maintained golf course all to yourselves when you book with us.
  • Are golf carts available?
    Yes, depending on your package we provide you with up to 4 golf carts, most of which are 4 seaters to transport guests around the property. We strongly recommend the power carts are reserved only for guests with mobility concerns, vendors, or the wedding party to use for matters related to the wedding. Sadly, damage to the carts or the course happens when people do not use the carts responsibly. We ask that you ensure that any guests you permit to use the carts will do so responsibly, this will also protect your security deposit with the venue in the event of any accidental damage.
  • Does Hilltop have a Shuttle Service?
    Not at this time, but we can provide you with the numbers to the local taxi companies, driver take home, and some shuttle companies in the area. Your guests’ safety is a top priority to us!
  • Do you provide any Audio/Visual Equipment?
    We do! We have a screen and projector available for your use in the tent or under our covered patio. We do ask that you bring the laptop or device you created your slideshow on to plug into the Projector. We have standard HDMI cords for this. In our tent, we have a top of the line sound system with speakers discreetly hidden in the roof. This system ensures the sound quality is perfect throughout your event. With specific “speech mode” speakers placed throughout the entire length of the tent, this means everyone is hearing announcements and speeches at the same volume and clarity. This strategic design also optimizes sound with two “dance mode” speakers directly over the dance floor. This system creates the ability to tear it up on the dance floor, as well as accommodates the non-dancing guests allowing them to mingle and enjoy the evening. In addition, we have an all weather sound system for our ceremony location, complete with microphone, stand and bluetooth speaker.
  • Are there any noise restrictions?
    Yes, Hilltop does have a community to the north of our facility and therefore we are cognizant about sound levels. To find a balance between our events and neighbours, Hilltop has invested in a high end sound system and additional measures to keep sound concentrated inside the tent. For this reason Hilltop does not permit any outside sound equipment on the premises. Couples have the option to hire a DJ from our approved list of DJ’s or may choose to bring a device such as a laptop, tablet or phone and curate their own playlist.
  • Can guests pull up their trailer and stay overnight?
    Unfortunately, overnight camping is not permitted at Hilltop. Our crews are out early in the morning maintaining the grounds and preparing for the next event. We do recommend checking out Jarvis Bay campground as it is just down the road and has all the amenities for a comfortable night stay as well as a few top-notch hotels in town less than 3km away.
  • Can I have my rehearsal the day before my wedding?
    This is a popular question and at Hilltop we do our best to accommodate where we can. It will be very likely the day before your wedding will be booked by another group. Therefore we recommend one of the following options: Tuesday/Wednesday Rehearsal - Consider booking a few hours on a Tuesday or Wednesday in order to do a ceremony run through. Or inquire about booking longer and hosting your rehearsal dinner early under our covered patio. Off-site Rehearsal - A few of our couples have found space on a family property or park and did a run through so they knew the motions, when to pass off the bouquet, practiced the wording and then adjusted for the space on-site. Local Brewery/ Restaurant - If you want to get really creative consider reserving a private space at one of the local breweries or restaurants in town, you can practice your walk with a beer in hand. :)
  • What are your venue rules?
    Thank you for asking! At Hilltop we genuinely care about your wedding day and the wedding happening right after yours so we do have a few simple rules that, we ask you and your guests to abide by: Treat our venue and grounds with respect. Keep garbage in the garbage bins, cans in the recycling, and bodily fluids in the bathrooms! ;) Excessive cleaning requirements will result in charges to the deposit. Treat our staff with respect. They work really hard behind the scenes and are doing their best to ensure everything is going well. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. The East grounds near the ponds are off-limits after sunset. Timelines are firm and must be adhered to. Any guests or vendors remaining on-site after the end time of the event will be encouraged to leave in a timely manner.
  • What lawn games are included?
    Great Question! Our lawn games change from season to season, however our most popular games are Cornhole, giant jenga, bocce ball along with putting on our green next to where the lawn games are placed. You are welcome to bring your own additional lawn games.
  • What cleaning am I responsible for?
    We just ask that you take out whatever you bring in and leave the facility as close to how you found it. We will take care of the deep clean and sanitization of the premise, including sweeping, mopping, removing table cloths, the washrooms and the bridal suite.
  • Are there any restrictions on decorations? What about open flame candles?
    We do allow open flame candles, however we ask that there is a container to catch the wax. The only item we do ask is there are no confetti or rose petals (silk or real) used on the property as these do blow throughout the property and can get stuck in our pond system. Sparklers are welcome to be used as long as they are used outside of our tent and not in any indoor spaces.
  • Can we have fireworks?
    No fireworks are permitted at Hilltop. There is special licensing and permits required to light off fireworks. For the safety of your guests and our property, we do not allow them.
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