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Benefits of a Weekday Wedding

If these days in a pandemic have taught us anything, it's that we can never take special moments with our loved ones for granted. Even though it's been an incredibly difficult time for those planning a wedding, it has also provided an opportunity to step back and really evaluate what is most important to us on our wedding day. And if that is simply celebrating the union to the love of your life, surrounded by those nearest and dearest to your heart, does the day of the week this occurs on really matter so much? Of course there are so many factors to consider when deciding between a weekday and weekend wedding, but sometimes the benefits of a weekday wedding get lost under the expectation or obligation to have a weekend wedding. There is a stigma that weddings only happen on Saturday's and there are so many reasons to break the mold and consider another day of the week.

In Alberta alone there are nearly 20,000 weddings each year and 70% of those weddings happen on a Saturday between mid - May and mid - October. That equates to 14,000 weddings in 20 days or 700 Weddings per Saturday in the summer. Which means you are competing for a date, venue, photographer, caterer, planner and marriage commissioner with hundreds of other couples. This is often very stressful and can result in you settling for 2nd or 3rd choices; which can be totally fine of course, but it doesn't necessarily have to be this way either.

Now stay with me as we flip the script a little; That means that the other 6,000 couples have more than a 100 days to choose from and that the best of the best in the Wedding Industry are likely to jump at the opportunity to fill a date otherwise left available and furthermore work with you to offer or negotiate rates to fill that date.

Still not sold on considering a weekday wedding? Here are few more reasons to consider saying goodbye to Saturday;

Get What you Want at the Price You Want

The demand for a weekend wedding is so high that not only will you be competing to get your pick of venue, photographer and caterer, you will also be paying peak pricing. Switching to a weekday wedding is not only going to give you so many reputable choices of vendors to choose from, it is very probable that these providers will throw in a little extra to sweeten the deal. So not only will you be saving some dollars, you are likely get some added value on top of it all.

With all that money saved you can start planning that dream honeymoon!

Are you truly inconveniencing your guests?

According to Stats Canada, the number of people who work standard weekday hours has declined by more than 10% in the last decade and now sits around 60% of the population who still work Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Bankers, Nurses, Servers, Flight Attendants and well just about anybody in the service industry are pretty much guaranteed to work shift work these days, so their schedules may be much more flexible than you even realized.

In addition, guests who are travelling in to celebrate with you can take advantage of mid-week discounts on flights and accommodations, which they will appreciate and it gives them more incentive to travel.

The Intentional Celebration

As weekday weddings have gained in popularity with it has come the desire to intentionally and methodically consider the guest list and who you really want to have their to celebrate with you on your big day. This thoughtful downsizing and intimate focus tends to shift the event to a more relaxed and sophisticated dinner, followed by a fun and full dance floor with those who know you best.

Of course we don't disagree that having a large wedding with every person that has been there for you in all of the different seasons of your life is also very special (and can also take place on a weekday). Just make sure you are doing it because that's what you want! And not what you think people expect you to do.

If you are inspired to consider an Weekday Wedding please do not hesitate to reach out to us to find out how. CONTACT US

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