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Rain on Your Wedding Day

Photo Credit: Jesse Kozig Photography

Let's talk about the "R" word – Rain on your wedding day! While we all dream of clear skies and sunny weather on our special day, sometimes Mother Nature has different plans.

The first thing we tell our clients is that the weather forecast can change dramatically within a few days of the wedding, sometimes even a few hours. . It's a common belief in the wedding industry that if you obsess over the forecast, you might just attract rain. On the other hand, couples who maintain a relaxed attitude and accept what will be will be, often enjoy a rain-free wedding.

A unique factor is our location, being on the east side of the lake adds an extra layout of unpredictability to the weather. More often than not, storms may appear to be heading straight for us on the radar but end up splitting around the lake, bypassing us entirely. While we can’t promise no rain, the lake makes it challenging to predict the exact weather conditions on your wedding day.

With the above in mind, we will always tell our clients to continue to plan for their outdoor ceremony, as the likelihood of it happening outside is still pretty good. If it does end up raining before the ceremony, our team is ready to ensure the ceremony chairs are dry for guest!.

On your wedding day, if we anticipate the possibility of rain, we will connect with your designated point person to devise a backup plan to move the ceremony inside the tent. This decision can typically be made up to the hour before the ceremony. As we usually have just one team member on-site on an event day, we would need to enlist the help of a couple able-bodied guests or groomsmen to make quick work of this transition. Typically it takes less than 15 minutes to switch to the ceremony and then back to reception.

Photo Credit: Jesse Kozig Photography

Here is how we flip the space:

  1. In the morning, if we see the possibility of rain, we will recommend placing our second arch behind the head table to simplify the transition.

  2. Once the call is made, we will move the decorated head table to the side, making the dance floor the new ceremony space.

  3. Depending on your guest count, we will move the decorated guest tables to create an aisle and arrange chairs on the dance floor. Larger weddings may see some guests sit at their assigned tables. This layout allows for an easy transition into cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony.

  4. After the ceremony, chairs are swiftly moved back, the head table is returned to its place, and the space is ready for your reception.

Alternatively, for couples concerned about rain, we offer a full ceremony-to-reception flip inside the tent. This service requires 48 hours' notice and comes with a $500 flat fee. It typically takes about 2 hours, and for safety reasons, all guests need to exit the tent during the transition. After the reception setup is complete the decor can be placed on the tables.

Rain on your wedding day might not be what you envisioned, but it can still be a beautiful and memorable occasion, especially at Hilltop Wedding Center. Embrace the unpredictable weather and keep in mind that rain on your wedding is meant to be good luck!

Still not convinced? Check out this stunning gallery of rainy day weddings at Hilltop:


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