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Top 12 Photo Locations at Hilltop

We are often asked where the best photo locations on the property are and the list below will take you through some of our favourite spots on the property:

1. Bridal Suite

Located in our clubhouse, our Bridal Suite offers a neutral background with an incredible view of Sylvan Lake.

2. Lakeview

From sunrise to sunset this unobstructed view of Sylvan Lake does not disappoint and is a popular locations for photos at Hilltop.

3. Stairway

Just off of Hole 6 and the overflow parking lot, you will find this simple wooden staircase that offers another great location for photos.

4. Pond

Secluded in the southeast corner of our property you will find a large pond complete with a water fountain feature. A popular spot for ceremonies and photos.

5. East Fence Line

Just a little past our pond is our east property line marked by a white picket fence. Here you will find mature trees, that offer a spectacular setting for photos.

6. Gardens

Located just behind our large reception tent are stone pathways bordered by stunning flower beds that are surrounded by mature trees.

7. Golf Cart Pathway

Connecting Hole 5 & Hole 6 together is a beautiful pathway fully enclosed by a variety of trees and bushes, making the perfect location for photos in any season.

8. Entrance & Vines

Right at the entrance of our facility are beautiful overgrown vines that turn bright red for one short week in fall, before shedding their leaves.

9. Laneway up to the Tent

The main driveway up to the property offers an unexpectedly beautiful backdrop for photos.

10. Tent

It can't be overlooked, our large reception tent makes the perfect location for photos as a newlywed couple.

11. Covered Patio

Connected to our clubhouse is our covered patio, sheltered from the elements. With an amazing view of Sylvan Lake, it offers another great photo location on the property.

12. Washrooms

Ok, we know this is know is a little strange, but a lot of planning went into the aesthetic of our washrooms and many photographers have taken advantage of the moody lighting in our mens washroom for fun shots of the guys getting ready.


As we are only minutes away from busy Lakeshore Drive and the beach, why not take advantage of some of the picturesque locations within the town of Sylvan Lake.