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Pivoting During Covid - Temporarily Re-opening the Golf Course

As a small family-owned business we are not immune from the effects of covid. It's no secret that the event and wedding industry have been heavily impacted by the restrictions over the last year and our hearts go out to so many couples trying to plan their wedding this year and to our friends in the industry who are just trying to get by during this time. A large portion of our 2020 weddings had either cancelled or postponed and now with the uncertainty leaning in to our 2021 event season we are pivoting, as many businesses have had to do, to see this last leg of the pandemic through by re-opening our golf course.

We want to first start off by re-assuring our couples and those that have booked (or are interested in booking) our facility that we are first and foremost a wedding center dedicated to offering amazing private events. This still remains the main focus of our business and that we are still optimistic that restrictions will ease allowing events again this summer.

With re-opening the golf course it was important to us to provide an affordable, family-friendly course enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. We were proud to be known for when we were Top O' Hill and want to carry this legacy forward during this time.

After re-opening the golf course to the public these last two weeks, we were overwhelmed by the response from our community. So many people who used to golf at our course before we became an event center have reached out excited to once again golf at our facility. We are so humbled and honoured by your support during this time.

We will continue to update our our online booking system each week with with available tee times, which will only be available on dates we do not currently have events taking place at our facility. Get in and golf while you can! We hope to be so busy with weddings in the future, we are not sure how long we will continue to offer public golfing. We immensely appreciate the support in this trying time as a small business in a pandemic.

For more information about green fees and booking a tee time please click here.


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